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Technical Notes

Weight Classifications and Aggregates

Concrete Block has three classifications according to weight. Lightweight units weigh between 85 and 105 pounds per cubic foot. Medium Weight units weigh between 105 and 125 pounds per cubic foot and Normal Weight units weigh over 125 pounds per cubic foot. Superlite Block currently manufactures only Medium and Normal weight units. Medium weight block is lighter, has a higher fire rating, a higher R value and is more effective for sound absorption (NRC rating). Normal Weight block has a higher compressive strength, a tighter texture and is more effective for sound transmission (STC rating).

The most common aggregate in our market is volcanic scoria. Superlite Block uses volcanic scoria in manufacturing Medium Weight block that conform to ASTM C 331. Normal Weight Block uses aggregates that conform to ASTM C33 and are composed of sand and rock. All units that are produced by Superlite are available in either mix design. For more information about Superlite Block, please visit our website at